Ashwaubenon couple rides tandem bike across country

Peter and Tracy Flucke of Ashwaubenon are seen during their summer 2014 tandem bike ride across the country. (WLUK file photo)

ASHWAUBENON - Think road tripping across the country with your spouse might be tough? Try doing it on a tandem bike.

Peter and Tracy Flucke are back in Ashwaubenon this weekend, more than half way done with their 4,300 mile trip.

The couple started on June 1st in Bellingham, Washington. They plan to finish in Bar Harbor, Maine in the third week of August.

“We just really like being on the bike together,” said Tracy Flucke “We're pretty comparable in our abilities and our strengths so we work really well together. Its just fun.”

The Fluckes have done bike tours before, just not to a coast to coast magnitude.

“Really for us, this timing was just perfect,” said Peter Flucke. “Both of our children are out of the house. We're still very healthy and really strong.”

“It was something we built up to,” said Tracy Flucke. “I wasn't ready to do it right away, but once we got to a certain point, I'm like I think we could do this.”

The couple rides about 75 miles a day. With only the essentials on board, they average 14 miles an hour.

“We have our tents, our stove, so we're completely self-supported,” said Peter Flucke. “We're not averse to staying in a hotel. We carry two days of clothes with us so on day three a hotel with a washing machine and clean sheets is looking pretty good.”

Through their travels, the Flucke's have experienced plenty. Even with sights like a ride through the Cascade Mountains, they say the people they've met are what they might remember most.

“We'd get somewhere like a restaurant or hotel and they'd go, oh you're the tandem couple from Wisconsin, you're the ones that go really fast,” said Tracy Flucke.

While the couple is looking forward to a weekend pit stop, they say they won't let the brief comfort of home put the brakes on their cross country journey.

“I think we would feel we didn't complete it and that we had used something if we didn't continue on,” said Tracy Flucke.

“We can't dance together, but we can ride this bike,” said Peter Flucke.