Arizona dog now homeward bound after being found in Wisconsin

This Yorkshire terrier named Nicholas was found in Howard Feb. 6. Somehow he arrived in Wisconsin from Arizona. (WLUK image)

UPDATE: March 2, 2015 10 a.m.

The Yorkie from Arizona will be reunited with his owner at the Austin Straubel International Airport on Friday.


HOWARD - From Tucson, Arizona to Howard, Wisconsin, it’s the tale of one Yorkshire terrier’s journey and how he ended up a long way from home.

But sometimes the smallest decisions can make a big difference.

“I don’t think we’ve quite had something like this happen before,” Lori Nachtwey with the Bay Area Humane Society.

Members of the Bay Area Humane Society say the Yorkie’s name is Nicholas and he was found last Friday.

If Nicholas could talk, he’d probably have a great story to tell. He might even say he took a very long walk.

“We don’t know exactly what happened or how he ended up here,” Nachtwey said.

The woman who found Nicholas didn’t want to go on camera but she did tell FOX 11 that that he was running along Lenwood Avenue in Howard. She said when she found him, she let him in her car because she thought it was her grandson’s dog.

Nicholas’ rescuer quickly realized the Yorkie wasn’t a part of her family and that’s when Animal Control Officer Monica Hoff’s phone rang.

“When I got there, cute little Yorkie dog just cute as a button and friendly. The first thing I do is I take my microchip reader and check because he didn’t have any collar or tags on him,” said Hoff.

Eventually Hoff tracked down the owner, thanks to a microchip in the back of Nicholas’ neck.

“She’s like, ‘Where is this? Where is he?’ because obviously Tucson, Arizona to Wisconsin is a pretty long trip,” Hoff said.

That’s around 1,800 miles away from home.

The Yorkie was taken to the Bay Area Humane Society and worker Lori Nachtwey called Nicholas’ owner.

“As far as she was concerned, her dog was outside playing and when she went to go get him, he was gone," Nachtwey said.

Nachtwey says the owner had been looking for Nicholas for two months.

“She just couldn’t believe we found her dog,” Nachtwey said.

So after thousands of miles and two months of waiting, Nicholas is headed back home.

“She was more than willing to try to get a flight scheduled so that we could get the dog back,” Nachtwey said.

But sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

“It’s too cold,” Nachtwey said.

The airline said Nicholas couldn’t travel as cargo because of cold temperatures.

Nachtwey says Nicholas' owner has decided to come get him to take him back home.

The Bay Area Humane Society says if it wasn’t for the Nicholas’ microchip, finding his owner would have been nearly impossible.