Are summer gas prices on the rise?

AAA estimates the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.66 a gallon

GREEN BAY - Drivers like Tony Higgins are noticing gas prices increase.

"I think it's ridiculous right now," said Tony Higgins.

The average price of gas in the Green Bay area and the Fox Valley is $3.69 a gallon.

"I have bigger cars that cost almost $60 to $70," Higgins said.

AAA estimates the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.66 a gallon. That's one cent higher than last month.

Market analysts say gas could continue to rise.

Eric Kessenich is the vice president of supply and trading for U.S. Oil, a division of U.S. Venture.

Kessenich says the recent violence in Iraq could cause the price of gas to increase.

"There's been recent developments in Iraq and there's a lot of concern that some of the turmoil over there will spill over into some of the oil fields that have been brought back online after the most recent Iraq war. That definitely, in the past couple of weeks, has had an impact on the global crude oil market," said Kessenich.

Kessenich says another reason why gas prices are higher is because demand is higher during the summer.

"People get out and drive more and vacation more and boat when the weather's warm," Kessenich said.

So how do our prices compare to neighboring states?

According to the average cost of gas in Wisconsin is $3.74 a gallon.

In Michigan the statewide average is about $3.96 a gallon.

Drivers in Illinois are paying an average $3.97 a gallon and drivers in Minnesota are paying around $3.59 a gallon.

"Gas prices don't affect me too much," said Jeffrey Sonnenberg.

Some drivers are finding ways to keep cash in their pockets.

Jeffrey Sonnenberg uses his moped to get around.

"I get about 25 to 28 miles to the dollar so I spend maybe $3 a week on gas," Sonnenberg said.