Appleton skate park supporters seek donations


APPLETON - Friends of the Appleton Skate Park were out and about trying to raise money for a new skate park on Saturday.

The city has put money aside to build one in Tallulah Park but proposed a few changes.

One change calls for scaling back on night lights.

That's one part of the park the organization hopes to raise money for.

Keevie Bremhorst with the group says a skate park is exactly what Appleton needs.

"Skateboarding is the type of activity that people will drive from other states just to come to a good skate park, so its great for the community," Bremhorst said. "People are going to come and spend their money in Appleton and we're really thrilled and excited to have this in our community."

The new skate park is expected to be complete by fall.