Appleton police: Man tried to abduct woman

Appleton police say the man on the left was arrested in a July 10, 2014, report of an attempted abduction. (Appleton Police Dept.)

APPLETON - Late Friday afternoon, police in Appleton arrested a 45-year-old man, after he allegedly tried to kidnap and strangle a woman.

The suspect moved to Appleton several months ago from Missouri.

Appleton police say a 23-year-old woman was nearly abducted here at the corner of Second and Outagamie Streets.

"Upon leaving a business in that area and approaching her car, she was attacked by a male that was unknown to her in what appears to be an attempted abduction,” said Police Sgt. Dave Lund.

Neighbors say they saw it happen.

"He pulled over into that parking lot, pulled right behind that post, and waited behind a car for like five minutes and then we saw a lady walk out the bartender, she was getting off work, she was getting into her car and the dude grabbed her. He tried putting a bag over her head and like choking her,” said Shaun Pavlowich, who lives on 2nd Street.

Police say after the victim fought back, the suspect got into a dark colored SUV and headed northbound on Outagamie Street

Police released a picture of the suspect along with these pictures of his SUV.

"What we've been able to do in following up with the witnesses and the victim our investigators today came up with some surveillance photos not from the incident but from information we've received,” said Lund.

Police say those photos helped identify the suspect. He was then taken into custody during a traffic stop late Friday afternoon.

And while incidents like these are rare, officers say those living in the area should remain alert.

"We're getting more information from people who are reporting other suspicious activity so we don't know if this is something that's been attempted there before but we are definitely concerned,” said Lund.

Appleton Police acknowledged that the tips they received after news media showed a picture of the suspect helped them catch him.

The suspect currently is held in the Outagamie County Jail. A charge of attempted kidnapping is being requested for the July 10, 2014 incident. A charge of solicitation, from an incident that occurred on May 8, 2014, in the City of Appleton is also being requested.