Aircraft parts company moves to Oshkosh

Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh

OSHKOSH - There's some exciting aviation news in Oshkosh ahead of EAA's AirVenture. A Minneapolis-based company that overhauls airplane engines says it will move its operations to Wittman Regional Airport.

D'Shannon Aviation is known in the general aviation business for making upgrades for Beechcraft planes.

Now company president Scott Erickson told FOX 11 he's looking to branch out and provide parts for other brands, inexpensively.

"A lot of aircraft are being set aside in their hangars and not being utilized because of costs associated with the aircraft. We wanna try to make bring those costs down," he explained.

Erickson told us moving from Minnesota to Oshkosh will allow D'Shannon to do that. He said the plan is to move shortly after AirVenture and start work out of hangar at Wittman Regional Airport.

"A lot of different very, very good, healthy aviation companies are there and we've already felt the support from them," said Erickson.

D'Shannon plans to hire about 5 or 6 people right away, but says it hopes to eventually employ around 40. So the company is also feeling the city's support.

"Aviation is something that is core to any economic development strategy we have in the Oshkosh community," explained city manager Mark Rohloff.

D'Shannon will eventually be housed at the future aviation business park, which will be built out on what are currently farm fields outside Wittman Regional Airport.

"We're going to be breaking ground for it within the next month or so. It will be able to attract people to have access to the airport, as well as access to the other aviation businesses in our area," said Rohloff.

Erickson told us he wants to help make the business park a hub.

"We will continue to reach out and bring other companies with us to the field," he explained.

D'Shannon, as it has been in the past, will be an exhibitor at EAA's AirVenture next week.