Affordable fun abounds for kids this summer

Kids and families flock to Bay Beach in Green Bay on the first day out of school for the summer.

GREEN BAY - School's out for the summer. So how do you keep your kids entertained and safe all day?

The squeals of delight at Bay Beach aren't just from the rides. Kids are ecstatic to be done with school.

“No school!” said 9-year-old Russell Pudlo.

“Free!” said 11-year-old Henry Pudlo.

“After a hard year, I was pretty happy, I guess,” said 13-year-old Frank Pudlo.

The babysitter taking these kids for a ride say it's an affordable option.

“It's just something fun to get away from home, instead of sitting there and watching TV all day. It's nice outside,” said Amelia Flunker.

The parks department says low-cost fun isn't just at Bay Beach. Thirty-six playground sites offer free supervised play on week days.

“We see 100,000 kids throughout the summer come through our playgrounds. So it's really exciting. A lot of fun special events, activities,” said James Anderson, the recreation superintendent for the Green Bay Parks Department.

Though the pool at Joannes is empty right now, your children can win passes here if they choose to read this summer.

“Kids read and for every hour they read they mark off on their reading record and they earn prizes along the way,” said Sue Lagerman, the library program manager for Brown County.

And the incentives continue from there. But staff says fun at the library isn't just found on a page this summer.

"We have over 600 programs scheduled this summer,” Lagerman. “From story times to science programs, to alien laboratories, garden activities.”

Parents like Tiffany Williams say the library is a great option for families on a budget.

“Yeah, she likes the books and the little imaginary stuff,” said Tiffany Williams, as her three-year-old daughter Jasmine browsed a bookshelf. “It’s really nice. Especially when you don't have the cash.”

And whether engrossed in a book, or running free outside, kids have plenty of free things to take advantage of this summer.