Abandoned Oshkosh puppy update

Hazel, the puppy abandoned at an Oshkosh truck stop, is now wearing a brace as part of her treatment. (Photo courtesy of Cheryl Rosenthal)

OSHKOSH – It appears the puppy found behind a truck stop dumpster in Oshkosh may not have been abused, as previously suspected.

The puppy, now named Hazel, was found at the Planeview Travel Plaza off Highway 41 July 10th.

At first authorities believed Hazel may have been abused because she could not use her rear legs. However, after being checked out by a veterinary surgeon Tuesday, it appears the ailment was caused by a birth defect.

The former owner of the puppy, who abandoned her at truck stop, said Hazel never used her rear legs.

The Oshkosh Humane Society says Hazel is being treated for what is called “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome.” It’s characterized by a general weakness of the hind legs and inability to walk.

Hazel will have to wear a brace and complete physical therapy to gain the use of her rear limbs.