6th Congressional District candidates take part in debate

BELLEVUE - The back and forth continued Thursday in the wake of the House vote authorizing a lawsuit against President Obama.

Wednesday night's vote was virtually along party lines with only five Republicans joining all Democrats in opposition.

Republicans accused the president of shredding the Constitution by using his executive powers to change the impact of laws.

Democrats described the vote as a veiled attempt at impeachment.

As you decide 2014, FOX 11 takes a closer look at how the issue plays into one of the major races in our area.

A handful of candidates are vying for the sixth congressional district seat.

While Republicans don't intend to pursue an impeachment proceedings now, the contenders spoke out on discussing the president's actions.

"This is our 6th congressional debate Republican primary," announced conservative talk show radio host and debate moderator Jerry Bader.

The four candidates took to the airwaves answering questions from Bader.

"Should Republicans be more forcefully be saying he's an unlawful president?" questioned Bader.

"Yes, there's no question that that's the direction he's gone. We shouldn't preclude impeachment, but I don't believe that we can say that that's where we're going yet," said State Rep. Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville).

State Sen. Joe Leibham says standing up for the law and the constitution must trump politics or any political concerns.

"There's a process in place and I'm strongly in support of moving that process forward because I do believe personally that he has violated his constitutional responsibilities," said Sen. Leibham (R-Sheboygan).

State Sen. Glenn Grothman says Republicans must use their positions to educate people.

"I think saying that he's an unlawful president is something that should be said again and again. We have to do something," said Sen. Grothman (R-Campbellsport).

Oshkosh's Tom Denow says bringing up the impeachment issue now is not going to help the GOP.

"I think we need to try to kind of tone it down. If he does do things that are much more extreme we just got to take those one at a time and address them," said Denow (R-6th Congressional District Candidate.

I spoke with the lone Democrat in the race over the phone. Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris has another view.

"It probably generates campaign contributions to Democrats when they talk about this, but the whole country is worse off if problems go unaddressed while they're wasting time on this issue," said Harris.

The Republican primary is August 12th. Harris will face the winner in November's general election.

The seat is open because, after 35 years in Congress, Representative Tom Petri is retiring.