1 dead, 14 others injured in crash involving school bus

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BROWN COUNTY - A crash between a school bus and a car killed one person and injured at least 14 others.

The crash happened around 9 p.m. Tuesday. The westbound lanes of Highway 29 have since been cleared at St. Augustine Street near Pulaski.

"Wow. You’re never prepared for anything like this," said Milt Thompson, the superintendent of schools for the Pulaski Community School District.

Authorities say the bus was carrying the Pulaski High School volleyball team. Of those injured, 13 are students. Eight were taken to the hospital in ambulances.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. The passenger of that car died on the scene.

After the crash, the school bus ended up in a ditch. Our crew on the scene said the car was very badly damaged.

Authorities say the bus was traveling on St. Augustine Street. before trying to cross Highway 29. Authorities say the car that was involved in the crash was driving on Highway 29, and ended up hitting the back end of the bus.

Pulaski school officials say the students were returning from a volleyball match at Seymour High School. Both the varsity and JV teams were on the bus during the crash.

School officials say there will be counselors available for any students who need help.

"Our students and coaches are incredibly resilient. And they really do seem to be relatively calm and collected considering what occurred here this evening," said Bec Kurzinske, the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Pulaski Community School District.

Counselors will be on hand Wednesday at Pulaski High School to help students get through this difficult time.

Authorities are trying to piece together exactly what happened before the crash.

The school will hold a press conference Wednesday morning. FOX 11's Kelly Schlicht has been on this story since it broke and will have the latest on Good Day Wisconsin, as well as FOX 11 News at Five.