Heroin suspects appear in court

GREEN BAY - Nine people appeared in Brown County court Wednesday afternoon accused of being part of a heroin ring.

Prosecutors and police are sharing very little about what's going on, and court documents have been sealed and are being kept secret.

There may be more suspects. As for the nine who appeared in court, three different agencies made those arrests yesterday.

That includes the Green Bay Police, the Brown County Sheriff's Office and the Drug Task Force.

To be clear, prosecutors did not file formal charges against the suspects, however, they laid out their case.

The suspects appeared by video conference.

"What I can say, on the record, is it is the largest heroin distribution conspiracy that our area has ever been able to identify at this time," said Asst. Brown Co. District Attorney Wendy Lemkuil.

Prosecutors say the drug operation has been going on for about a year. And they say there were multiple levels of involvement.

"What I can overall indicate is that Mr. Mahonie was responsible as the source and had direct involvement in 10 controlled buys," said Lemkuil.

Prosecutors say Jafari Mahonie of Chicago is the ringleader. His bond was set at $250 thousand cash.

Samuel Fuss, also accused of involvement at a high level, is being held on a $150 thousand cash bond.

"He has been identified in the second tier as one of the largest distributors in our area having received this source of supply from Mr. Mahonie on a regular basis," said Lemkuil.

Others who appeared in court, accused of their connection to the conspiracy, had less involvement according to prosecutors. Despite a lower bond amount, some reacted with high emotion.

"I think it is sufficient for probable cause, so I'll find that there's probable cause to believe that she was involved in the commission of a felony offense," said the court commissioner.

Three others facing heroin charges did not appear in court Wednesday. Prosecutors would not say if they are part of the large operation.

The suspects who were in court today are expected back later this month.

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