FOX 11 Investigates honored by State Bar of Wisconsin

A photo of the Golden Gavel Award presented to Robert Hornacek in 2012 for the story "Explaining ALEC."

(WLUK) -- A FOX 11 Investigates story about the legalities of daily sports fantasy websites has been honored with a Golden Gavel Award by the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Each year, the statewide lawyers association honors media outlets for "outstanding contributions to public understanding of our system of law and justice."

Andrew LaCombe's story on Feb. 4, 2016 examined the growing popularity among fans -- and scrutiny by lawmakers -- of the multi-billion-dollar industry.

LaCombe was also honored with a 'certificate of commendation' in last year's gavel competition for a story on how secret wiretaps were used in a heroin investigation. LaCombe is now an anchor at a station in Marquette, Mich.

FOX 11 Investigates reporters Mark Leland and Robert Hornacek have previously earned Golden Gavel Awards, as well.

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