"Finding Dory" coming to theaters


13 years after they found Nemo, Disney is bringing back the characters for another underwater adventure in "Finding Dory".

The film is set 6 months after the original, this time with Nemo and his dad helping Dory reunite with her parents.

"I think it has more layers. I think it's even more exciting and has a lot of adventure. A little more action. And I think it's really moving," says actor Ed O'Neil.

"Yeah, I think you don't have to have seen the first one, " says actress Ellen Degeneres.

When voice talents were asked about which fish best represents their co-stars, here's what they had to say.

"One of those goldfish. But like the Koi pond fish."said Ty Burrell.

"Friendly. Friendly pretty colorful."

"A mermaid. That's a fish isn't it?" said O'Neil of Degeneres. "Not a mermaid. Um a little dolphin."

"Ed would be. I think that is exactly. He should be an octopus. Because he is clever. In the slide. And I think that he is cast perfectly," said Degeneres of O'Neil.

"Finding Dory" hits theaters nationwide June 17th.

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