Walker and Burke campaign in Northeast Wisconsin

Mary Burke (D), left, and Scott Walker (R)

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN - Democrats and Republicans are pushing for votes as campaigns in the race for Wisconsin's governor kick into high gear.

"People now are believing that they have a choice to make, and I'm hoping it's going to be for Mary Burke," said Democratic Party of Brown County volunteer Rich Langan.

"I think we're all confident that Governor Walker will be reelected," said Sulynn Moore, membership chairwoman for the Manitowoc Republican Party.

With a map in hand, Judith Heidner spent most of her morning knocking on doors in Green Bay.

She's one of more than a dozen volunteers with the Democratic Party of Brown County asking residents to vote for Mary Burke.

“People are excited about this, and they’re telling me they’re going to vote and they need to see something happen and something change,” said Heidner.

Democrats aren’t the only ones out canvassing for the upcoming election.

“People are enthusiastic for Governor Walker by and large,” said Don Zimmer, vice-chairman of the Manitowoc County Republican Party

Walker and his likely Democratic opponent were also in Northeast Wisconsin meeting with voters.

Both spoke about the importance of meeting with potential supporters.

“The best conversations you can have are door to door with people and being able to answer the questions and concerns that they have,” said Mary Burke.

“There’s going to be a lot of ads on TV. There’s going to be a lot of attacks out there. I think neighbor to neighbor contact cuts through all that, and just gives people the facts that they want before they vote,” said Governor Scott Walker.

Votes in this year’s general election will be critical for both candidates.

The latest Marquette University Law School poll shows Walker and Burke are statistically tied.

While on the campaign trail in Manitowoc, Walker said he will continue to push for more votes.

“We’ve done well in Manitowoc and Sheboygan and other counties throughout this area. We have to do better because there’s an incredible surge in Madison. Mary Burke is from Madison,” Walker said.

“I’m confident about how this race is going and I’m confident about winning in November,” Burke said.

Volunteers from both parties say as the general election nears, they will increase their efforts and continue to ask voters to show up at the polls.

The primary election is Tuesday. Burke will face State Representative Brett Hulsey of Madison.