Burke: Walker ad reveals lack of global knowledge

Mary Burke (D), left, and Scott Walker (R)

BELLEVUE - Wisconsin's Trek Bicycle has become the center of a different kind of a race in the past week.

It started last week when Governor Scott Walker's re-election campaign released an ad critical of Mary Burke's involvement in the bike company started by her father.

Walker says it's telling that his likely Democratic opponent hasn't refuted any facts from his most recent campaign ad.

The ad talks about Trek Bicycle sending jobs overseas that pay $2 an hour.

“We're not attacking the company,” said Walker. “We're just pointing out the to the voters that she's personally profited from a company that took taxpayers money and then sent jobs overseas.”

Burke's brother, John, the president of Trek, has disputed Walker's ad.

"The implications made about Trek in an ad released by Gov. Walker's campaign this week are false,” said John Burke in a statement.

Burke says Trek has 1,800 jobs worldwide, including some in China.

Mary Burke released an ad to counter Walker's ad.

“The real story, Mary Burke helped build Trek into a company where almost 1,000 Wisconsin people go to work every day,” audio from the ad.

Walker says it’s wrong for Burke to claim the successes of Trek but not take responsibility for sending jobs overseas.

“One of two things is happening,” said Walker. “Either she's overstated her position in the company or in either case, whether she was responsible or not for that particular decision, she personally profits from that.”

“If he knew more about business he would understand the global marketplace and how you compete worldwide,” said Burke in a statement.

Walker says his record during his four years as governor can speak to his business knowledge.

Voters will have their say on November 4th.

Before the November race, there will be a primary on August 12th. Burke is facing Democratic State Representative Brett Hulsey.