Burke hits Walker on jobs promise

Mary Burke

OSHKOSH - A new campaign ad is out in the race for governor, and the focus is on jobs once again.

Back in 2010, Governor Walker promised to add 250,000 private sector jobs by 2015. So far, about 100,000 private sector jobs have been added.

Walker's presumed opponent, Democrat Mary Burke, is bringing more attention to his promise in a new television ad. The ad will be aired statewide beginning Wednesday.

The 30-second spot includes a 2010 interview when Governor Walker said he wanted to be held to his job creation promise.

Governor Walker was in Oshkosh Tuesday, touring the EAA grounds. FOX 11 asked if he thinks voters are still concerned about that promise.

"I think the voters are pretty objective, pretty logical," said Walker. "If that's a concern to them, the last thing they want is to hire someone new who created about half as many jobs in the three years she was the chief job creator under Jim Doyle as we did in our first three years."

Walker compared his job creation numbers to 2005 through 2007. That's when Burke was the state's commerce secretary.

The facts show Wisconsin added nearly 92,000 private sector jobs during Walker's first three years in office.

When Burke was commerce secretary, the state gained nearly 58,000.

Burke released a statement with her ad. Part of it read, "Under Walker, Wisconsin is dead last in the Midwest in terms of private sector job creation. I know we can do a lot better, and when I'm governor, we will."

Walker has another view.

"We'll create many, many more jobs in Wisconsin over the next four years if I'm governor versus Mary Burke," he said.

Voters weighed in on the state's future in a poll released last week.

In the latest Marquette University survey, 54 percent of people said Wisconsin is on the right track, compared to 41 percent who said it is on the wrong track.

That same poll has the presumed race between Walker and Burke at a statistical tie.

Burke still has to win a primary to go on to face Walker in November. She will face State Rep. Brett Hulsey of Madison. That election is August 12.