State lawmakers look to tackle tough issues this legislative session

MADISON (WLUK) -- Inauguration day at the Wisconsin State Capitol means a lot of photo-ops, and hand shaking,

"There are lot of big problems that we want to tackle," said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester).

Vos said Tuesday, one of his priorities is finding a long term solution for transportation funding, which is facing a one-billion dollar shortfall.

"Frankly I want to have a discussion about prioritizing projects. Maybe Governor Walker will do that as well, I just don't think saying we're not going to do something in southeastern Wisconsin for the next 70 years, which is the plan under Governor Walker, that we won't' have the southern freeways re-done in our lifetime, I think that is unrealistic and would be a problem," said Vos.

Vos added the legislature also needs to look at funding for public education, something Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen says is also a priority for him.

"Universities, tech schools, and our public schools, they have to go to referendum to keep the doors open," said Hansen.

Hansen said while the Republicans have control over the Assembly and the Senate, he'd like to see both parties work together this session to accomplish more.

"It's been too one sided and we're a lot better off as a legislature at the national level too if we work together," explained Hansen.

State Representative John Nygren told FOX 11 this session he'd like to see more done to address the opioid problem.

The opioid is probably the biggest, local officials and local schools boards have brought it to me several years ago and it continues to be a major focus, so i think that will be on the horizon obviously," explained Nygren.

Governor Walker will outline his agenda for the state during his State of the State Address on January 10th.

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