Nicholson attacks GOP Senate rival Vukmir over pay raises

Republican U.S. Senate candidates Kvein Nicholson, left, and Leah Vukmir. (Photos courtesy candidates' campaigns)

MADISON (AP) -- Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson is attacking rival Leah Vukmir for taking pay raises.

The business consultant calls Vukmir a hypocrite for not always returning pay increases over her 15-year career in the Legislature.

Vukmir returned pay raises that took effect in 2003 and 2009 when the state faced a budget deficit.

Her campaign manager Jess Ward says as a single mom working two jobs and supporting two teenage children, Vukmir "accepted her pay for the work she was doing representing her constituents, and she was happy to give it back during difficult times for the state."

But Nicholson campaign strategist Brandon Moody says returning a raise and then accepting another one as Vukmir did in 2015 is "the very definition of political hypocrisy that voters are sick of."

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