Bay Port threat included social media rumors, fake webpage

File photo of police lights (MGN)

SUAMICO (WLUK) -- Bay Port High School officials say there is no credibility to a threat of a shooting at the school.

According to a letter sent to families from principal Mike Frieder, the rumors of a threat started in student conversations and spread through student social media accounts. Another student created a fake webpage entitled, "Bay Port High School Massacre."

Frieder says the school administration and the Brown County Sheriff's Office are investigating. Disciplinary measures, which could include expulsion, are being considered.

A police presence is being maintained within the school as a precaution.

Full letter:

Dear HSSD Families,
I am writing to share an update on rumored threats of a Bay Port student planning a school shooting; the rumors originated in student conversations and proliferated through student social media accounts. Another student was involved in creating a fake website entitled, “Bay Port High School Massacre.”
I want to let you know that Bay Port High School Administration, Police School Liaison Officer Hackett, and the Brown County Sheriff’s Department are aware of, and are actively addressing the situation.
Through investigation, we believe there is no credibility to the threat, and there is no imminent harm to students. In accordance with Howard-Suamico School District student handbook guidelines, we are considering all disciplinary options, including and up to expulsion.
Please feel confident in knowing we, along with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, are aware of the rumors and have the situation under control. As a precautionary measure, we continue to maintain a police presence within the high school.
If you have questions, I can be reached at 920-662-7024.
Mike Frieder
Bay Port High School Principal
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