Waukesha stabbing prompts website response

The website says the alleged stabbing doesn't represent Cyberpasta

A stabbing plot involving two 12-year-old girls from southern Wisconsin may have some parents rethinking how they monitor their children.

The questions are being asked as the cases are built against Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier. They're accused of trying to stab a friend to death to please a fictional horror character they read about online.

The girls told Waukesha investigators they plotted for months to kill their friend.

Over the weekend they allegedly tried to carry out the plan, stabbing the friend 19 times in a park bathroom.

The victim survived thanks in part to a passing bicyclist who called 911 and calmly described the situation.

The victim survived, but doctors say just barely. In their words, she was one millimeter away from certain death. They say one of her stab wounds narrowly missed a major artery near her heart. The girl had injuries to her liver, pancreas and stomach.

As for the suspects, they are charged in adult court with attempted murder.

A criminal complaint suggests there was indecision about who would stab the victim, as the two suspects handed a knife back and forth between each other.

The defense attorney for Morgan Geyser is asking for his client to be moved to a mental health facility.

So what is the website that may have contributed to this and that may have parents worried more about what their children are viewing?

The website Creepypasta Wiki was named in the criminal complaint.

The site posts horror stories including ones with the name Slender Man.

It's as demon-like figure without a face. Slender Man is described as tall and wears a suit.

The character is said to have magical powers including mind control and teleportation.

The website offered a response about the alleged Waukesha stabbing saying, "All works presented on this wiki and other sites are fictional stories and characters."

The post goes on to say, "This is an isolated incident and does not represent or attribute the Creepypasta community as a whole."

"It's not just one Internet site they were accessing to obtain this information," said Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack.

During Monday's press conference, Jack said unmonitored access to the Internet is a growing problem.

"Parents please talk to your kids about the dangers that exist online," Jack said.

"Net Nanny is one of the better ones. We find it does very good at protecting kids from bad sites," said James Overly.

Overly owns a computer store in Green Bay and he says there are programs that can keep children from gaining access to certain sites.

"You can turn the internet on and off at certain times. You can say you get the Internet until 6 o'clock at night and there's no Internet after that," Overly said.

Overly says the sites are easy to install. You can download the website blocking programs directly from the Internet and install them on your computer.

Overly adds, even though free programs are available, it's better to buy more protection with a program that blocks certain sites.

Those programs can also be downloaded to a smartphone.