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      Mixed drinks using sparkling teas from Sotéa

      ASHWAUBENON - Sotéa offers a variety of carbonated teas.Rosanna Aulik with Sotéa shared some recipes for mixed drinks using the company's teas.Recipes:Funky LadyPour over ice in 12 oz glass1.25 oz peach vodkaFill glass with Sotéa Peach Passion tea.Top off with .75 oz Midori (lor melon liqueur)Garnish with orange slicesSotéa Old FashionedMuddle together in empty 12 oz glass3 Maraschino cherries1 orange slice2-3 splashes aromatic bittersFill glass with ice and add 2 oz whiskey (or brandy), Sotéa Citrus-A-PeelGarnish with Maraschino cherries and orangeSummer NightMix in a shaker with ice1.5 oz strawberry vodka.75 oz strawberry liqueurPour over ice in 12 oz glassFill glass with Sotéa Mojito Mist (leave space for alcohol)Float the alcohol mix on topGarnish with mint leaves, lime, strawberrySotéa Blackberry ContestSend your best mixed drink using Sotéa Blackberry Breeze and you may be featured as the Master Mixologist.If selected, you'll win a case of Sotéa Blackberry Breeze and a t-shirt.Send entries with your name and city to contest@mysotea.comThe winner will be selected October 1, 2014.{}