The Best Grilled Salmon (or Trout)


Recommended species for this recipe: Salmon or trout


1 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 teaspoon lemon juice

2 tablespoons coarse ground black pepper

4 - 4 oz salmon fillets or 2-10" trout fillets,

scaled and rinsed


Mix together first three ingredients to create a marinade.  Place fillets flesh side down in 9x9 baking dish. Pour marinade over fillets, making sure all sides are coated.  Marinate overnight for best results or for at least 4 hours.  Preheat a grill.

Remove fish from marinade, pat dry. Sprinkle or grind black pepper onto the flesh side of the fillets to your preferred density.

Coat a fish basket with oil to prevent fish from sticking.  Place fillets securely in the basket and grill 2-3 minutes on each side over very hot grill (no more than 5 minutes per

inch of thickness).

Recommended side dishes:

Grilled zucchini or eggplant and couscous or jazzed up rice (i.e. rice with onion, peppers, mushrooms or other savory bits).