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      Sandy's Largemouth Bass Magic

      Recommended species for this recipe: Largemouth bassIngredients:Largemouth bassSaltOat flour1 egg (2 eggs if cooking many fish)Italian style bread crumbsCanola oilDirections:Fillet, remove skin, and debone fish as soon as possible. Slice away any thin strip of red meat along midline under skin (obvious in bigger fish). Rinse with clean cold water.Cut fish into pieces that will fit into your deep fryer. Larger fillets (usually from plump largemouth bass 15 inches and longer) may be sliced horizontally into two pieces in order to reduce thickness and thereby enhance flavor once breaded.Lay cold-rinsed pieces on a paper towel, lightly salt both sides. Coat pieces with oat flour (shaking in a bag works well). Beat an egg with some salt and a little cold water as neededto make the egg stretch. If you have a lot of fish, use 2 eggs. Dip floured fish pieces in egg mix.Roll the egg-covered pieces in a bowl with Italian style bread crumbs, and place on paper plates in a single layer until ready to fry.Deep-fry in canola oil until breading is lightly browned or pieces float to the surface.