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      Gluten Free Stew

      gluten free stew
      gluten free stew


      1 onion, diced
      1 clove garlic (pressed)
      1 cup celery, diced
      1 cup carrots, diced
      1 cup sweet potatoes or butternut squash, diced
      1 can whole coconut milk
      2 Tbsp organic peanut butter
      1 Tbsp Bragg Amino Acid
      Thawed peas, if desired as a garnish


      Sauté onion, garlic and celery until they sweat. Add carrots, sweet potato or butternut squash and cook until al dente. Push vegetables to the side of the pan.  Add coconut milk, peanut butter, amino acid until all blended. Add vegetables into the sauce.  Put lid on the pan and cook on low for 10 minutes. Make sure the heat is on low.

      Serve over rice, or put a fried egg, chicken breast or fish on top of the stew. Add 1 cup of thawed peas on the top.