Cherry De-Lite Grilled Dessert Pizza

Grilled Dessert Pizza


Premade Pizza Crust

Cheese Cake Filling (either store-bought or homemade)

Cherry De-Lite Cherry Pie Fill

Candied Pecans

Marshmallow Bits or Mini Marshmallows

Vanilla icing

Grated Dark Chocolate


Preheat or prepare the grill for medium heat.

Place premade pizza crust on grill and cook on both sides until crispy.

Remove cooked pizza crust from heat and spread cheese cake filling.

Top with Cherry Pie Fill.

Sprinkle with candied walnuts and marshmallows.

Drizzle with Vanilla Icing and top with Grated Dark Chocolate.

Return Pizza to the grill and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes or until all the toppings are heated through.

Let Pizza rest for a few minutes before cutting/serving

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