Summer fruit recipes for dinner: pork with cinnamon apple compote

      Pairing pork and apples in your entree
      Pairing pork and apples in your entree

      Chef Ken Hall of Oneida Casino showed us how to prepare a grilled pork chop with cinnamon apple compote and apple cider reduction.

      1 pork chop 2in thick

      4oz sweet potato mash with blue cheese

      2ea apples

      1T sugar

      1/2tsp cinnamon

      2T apple cider

      1/2c apple cider

      Heat grill to medium high heat, season pork with salt and pepper and place on the grill. Cook for 5-6 minutes per side.

      Mix together the whipped sweet potatoes with 2T bleu cheese and season.

      Peel apples and chop into large pieces, place in a small sauce pot with the 2T apple cider, cinnamon and sugar, cook over low heat until softened and the liquid is syrupy.

      Meanwhile reduce the 1/2c cider in a small pot until syrupy, (be careful not to burn)

      To serve place the potatoes near the top center of the plate, lay the pork chop half on, half off. Top with apples and drizzle with sauce reduction.