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      Good Day Wisconsin house call: Treating heartburn

      Prevea Health
      Prevea Health
      Do you suffer from heartburn? You're not alone. According to the Prevea Heartburn Treatment Centerr, there are millions of you out there. 25 million, in fact. Dr. Roland Christian made a house call to Good Day Wisconsin to go over the specific statistics. Dr. Christian is a gastroenterologist with Prevea Health. He showed us video of someone getting an endoscopy and also talked about what causes heartburn and the different ways to prevent and treat it. Heartburn by the numbers:25 MILLION Americans suffer from heartburn.20,000 Americans will develop reflux induced cancer every year.40% of GERD patients do not get satisfactory relief from current medications.Prevea Heartburn Treatment CenterSt. Mary's Hospital Medical Center1726 Shawano AvenueGreen Bay(920) 429-1700www.prevea.com