Game Day treats from Brett Favre's Steakhouse

Brett Favre steakhouse

2 c olive oil
3 ea bay leaves
2 T salt
1 T cayenne pepper
4 T lemon pepper
4 T cajun seasoning
4 T oregano
3 T table grind black pepper
2 T thyme
2 1/2 T basil
2 c sugar
2 ea #10 diced tomatoes
4 oz chopped garlic
1 gal marinara sauce
1 1/2# chicken base

2 ea. bunches celery
1# chopped green onion
10 ea. diced medium suntan peppers
3 ea.diced medium yellow peppers
3 ea. diced medium red peppers
10 ea. diced medium spanish onion
5# diced ham
10# sliced andouille sausage
10# julienne boneless chicken breast
7 1/2# broken shrimp

#1) Prepare all the ingredients by section: Seasonings, Vegetables, & Meats.

#2) Sauté all vegetables in olive oil until tender.

#3) Add the meats to the kettle and cook until the chicken is cooked throughout.

#4) Add the seasonings to the kettle and simmer 1 hour.

#5) Place Jambalaya into buckets with a chill stick, then place the buckets into an ice bath.

Queso Dip:


½ andouille sausage

1 medium onion-diced

1 green pepper-diced

1 fresh Jalapeno-diced

1 shredded cheddar cheese

2 sour cream

2 cream cheese

5 shots of Tabasco


Combine everything,and bake at 350 for 45 minutes,serve with tort chips

BBQ Chicken Nachos:


1pound chicken-can use a fresh rotisserie chicken from store

3oz fresh pineapple, diced

3oz red onion, diced

5oz pickled jalapenos

8oz-your favorite bbq sauce

Fresh cilantro to taste

16oz tort chips