Flashback Friday: July 4th, 1989

Flashback Friday America-Fest

Flashback Friday: July 4th, 1989

America-fest..... to those who wish to be athletic and for those who would rather not exert themselves too much.
"most people don't have to work on July 4th, at least most normal people, those of us in television news have to.
So we can come out and cover America-fest 89' and bring it all to you, and actually, its not that tough really.

"what was your favorite part about America-fest?"
"you're here pretty early for that?"
"this is fireworks."
"you've found something else to do, that's fireworks too."
"what are you celebrating today?"
"hotdogs, sprite, mellow-yellow,diet coke and coke."
"you eat popcorn pretty well, don't ya?"
"but you're not supposed to talk with your mouth full?"

Sun-worshipers couldn't have asked for a more perfect America-fest and the same goes for those who like to stay in the shade.


The brats and roasted corn were selling fast along with another item that is fast becoming a Wisconsin tradition.

"sometime later, I think lottery tickets will start selling when we get a lot more people here."
"if the beer sales increase, you expect to sell more lottery tickets?"

Yes, music and dancing do tend to bring out the best in people.
America-fest has been a great success so far, but its a little bit after six o'clock and the real party is just beginning.
In Green Bay, Mitch Henck, Newscenter 11.