Fajita Republic shares tasty summer recipes

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Shrimp & Avocado SaladIngredients:4 oz. (6) Raw Shrimp3-4 oz. Spring Mix2 oz. (6) Slices Red Bell Peppers 1/2 Medium Avocado (4) Slices1 Pinch Chopped Cilantro1 oz. Pumpkin Seeds/ Sunflower Seeds2 oz. (3) Strips Queso Fresco2 oz. Homemade Creamy Poblano dressingDirections:Slice red bell pepper and sauté or grill over medium-high heat. When peppers are tender season with salt, garlic powder, black pepper (we will be using our homemade seasoning).Separately peel the shrimp leaving the tail on only. Sauté or grill raw shrimp, add olive oil and seasoning right away. Cook shrimp for about 1 minute on one side then turn and cook for the same time.Place spring mix on a large salad plate, drizzle seeds on mix. Place cooked shrimp, peppers, avocado and queso fresco on spring mix. Finally pour the dressing on top or on side and enjoy!*Homemade Creamy Poblano Sauce: Roasted poblano peppers, blended with buttermilk, cilantro and other spices.Cherry Pork TacosIngredients:1 Corn or Flour Tortilla per Taco2.5 oz. of Carnitas (braised pork) or Meat of choice1 oz. or 1 pinch Red Cabagge1 Pinch Cotija Cheese1 Pinch Chopped Cilantro1 oz. Homemade Chipotle Cream SauceDirections:Chop finely the red cabbage and cilantro. Prepare the meat (braise,grill). Once the meat is fully cooked , warm the tortillas on a flat pan or grill until soft and warm.Assemble the tacos, place Carnitas on tortilla. Drizzle chipotle cream sauce on meat, followed by spreading the cabbage on top. Then drizzle the cherry salsa, cilantro and topped with the cotija cheese.*Carnitas : Braised or simmered pork meat for 3-4 hours in oil/lard ,oranges and their juice, fresh garlic, onions, celery, cinamomn sticks, and sugar until tender.*Cherry Salsa: Homemade salsa made with tomatoes, cilantro, onions and door county cherry jam reduction.*Chipotle Cream Sauce: Chipotle peppers blended with cream, spices.{}