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      Summer recipes filled with farmers market ingredients


      GREEN BAY - Looking for a new summer recipe?

      Bridgett Lowery of 416 Cuisine joined FOX 11's Emily Deem on Good Day Wisconsin to share some fresh farmers market recipes that are perfect for the warm season!

      Bridgett is at both farmers markets in Green Bay -- Saturday and Wednesday.

      416 Cuisine is located inside of Bake My Day in Green Bay.

      Cold Pasta Salad

      Your favorite 416 pasta cooked al dente and chilled

      Mozzarella cheese (5 to 6 small pieces)

      Cherry tomatoes (5 to 6)

      Bell pepper

      1T chopped Garlic Scapes

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      Vinegar infused with rosemary and basil

      Roast pepper in oven or over flame until skin is charred.  Place in plastic bag and remove skin, once cool enough to handle.  Chop 1/4 of the pepper, cheese, tomatoes, and scapes and toss with cold pasta. (reserve the rest of the pepper in refrigerator for another use, up to 3 days)

      Whisk vinegar into olive oil and pour over pasta mixture.  Toss well and serve immediately or keep in refrigerator for up to three days.

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      Berry Blueberry Tisane with fresh mint

      Sack of Berry Blueberry tisane

      Fresh mint

      Fresh blueberries

      Place tisane sack in pitcher and add 1/2 gallon cold water, chill for 8 to 10 hours

      Muddle mint leaves and blueberries in glass and pour tisane.

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      Ravioli and Stuffed Mushrooms (this recipe makes 8 large mushrooms)

      Your favorite 416 Ravioli

      White or cremini mushrooms

      1T 416 spinach sundried tomato pesto

      1T Garlic Scapes

      ¼ C mascarpone cheese

      2 C spinach

      ¼ C breadcrumb

      Salt and pepper to taste

      Saute spinach until wilted, a few months.  Stir in mascarpone, scapes, pesto and breadcrumb.  Season to taste.  Arrange mushrooms in baking dish and place mixture in each mushroom.  Bake at 375^ for 15 to 20 minutes.  While mushrooms are baking, boil ravioli for 4 to 5 minutes and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.  Serve with mushrooms.