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      Recipe: Late Summer Pork with Seasonal Creamed Corn

      GREEN BAY - Executive Chef Daniel Fisher of Indulge Catering shared a recipe for Late Summer Pork with Season Creamed Corn. It's one of the dishes they are preparing as part of the "In Home Dinner for 2" meals. The meals are catered and served by Indulge staff.{}Late Summer Pork with Seasonal Creamed CornIngredients:2 Onions2 Ears of Corn2 Poblano Peppers1 Red Pepper1 Package of Goat Cheese1 Cup of Cream1.5 Sticks Butter2 Tbl Chopped Fresh Parsley4 Bay Leaves 1/2 Red Wine4 Pieces of Bacon1 Pork TenderloinDirections:Chop 1 onion, ears of corn, poblano peppers and red pepper and sauté over Medium-High Heat.When vegetables start to get tender, add cream and goat cheese.When everything is incorporated add 1/2 stick of butter & parsley. Season with Salt & Pepper.In a separate pan, Saute Bacon and 1 diced onion for a few minutes until translucent. Add Red wine, and reduce by half. Slowly whisk in one stick of butter, 1 tablespoon at a time.Season Pork with Salt and Pepper, and Grill over medium-high heat, roughly 5 minutes per side. (10 total). Let Rest, and Slice into medallions.Plate and enjoy!Indulge Private Chef Service : (920) 562 2049