Beef Rolls

Rock and Roll Beef Wraps

Ingredients: 1 pound Ground Beef (93% lean or leaner) 1 cup water 1/3 cup uncooked quinoa 2 tablespoons dry ranch dressing mix 1/4 teaspoon …

spring rolls

Vietnamese Beef & Vegetable Spring Rolls

Ingredients: 16 thin slices deli roast beef (about 12 ounces) 1 cup shredded carrots 1/2 cup chopped jicama 3/4 cup torn fresh cilantro 1/2 …

Key lime pie

Key Lime Pie

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 stick butter, melted 1 can (14-ounces) sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cup key …


Pop Fly Popcorn

Ingredients: 10 to 12 cups popped popcorn 1 cup pecan halves 1 cup slivered or sliced almonds 1 1/3 cups sugar 1 cup butter 1/2 cup light co…

Mango Avocado BLT

Mango Avocado BLT

See how they make the Mango Avocado BLT at Seth’s Coffee.

veggie wrap

Veggie Wrap with Ale Vinaigrette

Ingredients: 3 Tbsp Goat Cheese/Cream Cheese Blend 1 cup Spring Greens Assortment of cut fresh vegetables i.e. red peppers, cucumbers, avoca…

flatbread pizza

Herbivore Flatbread

Ingredients: 1 Flatbread ¼ cup Goat Cheese/Cream Cheese Blend 1 red onion, cut into slices 3 Portobello Mushrooms, cut into slices ½ cup Moz…

TexMex Brats

TexMex Brats

Ingredients: 1 pkg jalapeno cheddar brats (can use flavor of your choice) 1 green pepper, sliced 1 red pepper, sliced 1 onion, sliced 2 Tbsp…