NEW Zoo Goat

New animals coming to the NEW Zoo

SUAMICO – The NEW Zoo in Suamico will be welcoming some new animals soon! Can you guess what kind? We have a hint in the video! Also this mo…


Hanging out at the NEW Zoo

The alligator is off exhibit right now until spring because he is getting a new exhibit at the NEW Zoo.

Waking up with the emus

What’s NEW at the Zoo?

SUAMICO – This week we got the low down on the emus at the NEW Zoo in Suamico. Neil Anderson introduces us to the birds in the videos above.

Buttercup the porcupine

What’s NEW at the Zoo?

SUAMICO – Penelope and Buttercup the porcupines are braving the winter at the NEW Zoo by spending a lot of time in their dens. Neil Anderson…

black bears at NEW zoo

NEW Zoo: Learning more about hibernation

We’re out at the NEW Zoo learning more about animals that hibernate! You may think the black bears are just sleeping, but they’re doing so m…