Flashback Friday Crab Racing

Flashback Friday Crab Racing

We’re taking a look back at Crab Racing in Green Bay. It’s all apart of our Flashback Friday. Here’s a look at July 10th, 1981.

Flashback Friday America-Fest

Flashback Friday: July 4th, 1989

Flashback Friday: July 4th, 1989 America-fest….. to those who wish to be athletic and for those who would rather not exert themselves too mu…

Flashback heat wave

Flashback Friday: 1985 heat wave

It’s been a cooler summer overall, but things will warm up this weekend. In today’s Flashback Friday, we show you just how hot it got in Jun…

Bellin Run

Flashback Friday: 2005 Bellin Run

GREEN BAY – It looks like the weather will be pretty mild for the Bellin Run Saturday in Green Bay and Allouez. Back in 2005, runners dealt …

clock man

Flashback Friday: Clock Man

One Green Bay bar owner’s collection has really stood the test of time. Duane Gay has this Flashback Friday, from June 5-th, 1986.

Memorial Day

Flashback Friday: Veterans Tribute

In this Flashback Friday segment from 1992, our reporter, Jack Jones spent Memorial Day with a special group of Vietnam veterans.


Flashback Friday: Sheboygan Space Program

  The “Rockets for Schools” program in Sheboygan has been teaching students about the space program for 18 years now. In this Flashback Frid…

Flashback Friday: May 8, 1989

Flashback Friday: Spearfishing in 1989

  The north-woods saw high emotions over spearfishing by Native Americans in the late 80’s. Click on the video for a look back in this Flash…

Lake fly

Flashback Friday: Lake Fly invasion

One sign of spring is the return of lake flies. This week’s Flashback Friday takes us back to April 27, 2006 when the flies hatched early. H…