Flashback Friday America-Fest

Flashback Friday: July 4th, 1989

Flashback Friday: July 4th, 1989 America-fest….. to those who wish to be athletic and for those who would rather not exert themselves too mu…

Flashback heat wave

Flashback Friday: 1985 heat wave

It’s been a cooler summer overall, but things will warm up this weekend. In today’s Flashback Friday, we show you just how hot it got in Jun…

Bellin Run

Flashback Friday: 2005 Bellin Run

GREEN BAY – It looks like the weather will be pretty mild for the Bellin Run Saturday in Green Bay and Allouez. Back in 2005, runners dealt …

clock man

Flashback Friday: Clock Man

One Green Bay bar owner’s collection has really stood the test of time. Duane Gay has this Flashback Friday, from June 5-th, 1986.

Memorial Day

Flashback Friday: Veterans Tribute

In this Flashback Friday segment from 1992, our reporter, Jack Jones spent Memorial Day with a special group of Vietnam veterans.


Flashback Friday: Sheboygan Space Program

  The “Rockets for Schools” program in Sheboygan has been teaching students about the space program for 18 years now. In this Flashback Frid…

Flashback Friday: May 8, 1989

Flashback Friday: Spearfishing in 1989

  The north-woods saw high emotions over spearfishing by Native Americans in the late 80’s. Click on the video for a look back in this Flash…

Lake fly

Flashback Friday: Lake Fly invasion

One sign of spring is the return of lake flies. This week’s Flashback Friday takes us back to April 27, 2006 when the flies hatched early. H…


Flashback Friday: Easter bonnets

One of the items that might be missing from the Easter wardrobe is the Easter bonnet. FOX 11’s Becky DeVries takes a look back at the fashio…