Young turkey hunters give back

Young turkey hunters give back
Young turkey hunters give back

PULASKI - A special program in Pulaski is pairing young hunters with some experienced ones.

Young hunters who took part this week in the Pulaski FFA's Learn to Hunt program gave back Sunday.

The Landowner Luncheon Potluck helped feed hunting mentors and landowners who donated the use of their land for this season's turkey hunt.

The "Learn to hunt program" has 59 kids and roughly the same number of mentors and coordinators.

Mentors scout more than 600 area private properties - and get permission from nearly that many landowners.

Those involved say it's a unique and educational opportunity.

"This is my first hunt and he taught me a lot about the turkey calls, how the gun works and how to set up the decoys and how to get prepped to shoot the turkey," said Pulaski resident, Alex Charniak.

"This program is amazing. My husband and I don't hunt at all so for Alex to have such a supportive mentor and program to give him the opportunity to do this was absolutely amazing. We wouldn't have been able to do it without the program," said Alex's mother, Kimberly Charniak.

The Learn to Hunt Program has been around for more than 14 years.