WPS: Keep snow, ice off utility meters

File photo.
File photo.
Snow is piling up around Northeast Wisconsin. And if you're not careful with where you put it, you might be out in the cold with no electricity or natural gas.

Wisconsin Public Service has shared the following safety tips:

  • Public or private snowplowing services should use caution when moving snow near utility services and meters, primarily meters near businesses.   Plowing heavy snow onto meters could damage them resulting in a loss of service and creating a safety hazard. Snow piles should not be piled high enough to be in close proximity to overhead power lines.

  • If meters become covered with heavy snow, customers should clear them by hand without heavy shovels, rakes, or other items.

  • Customers who choose to clear their roof of snow using shovels or rakes should be extremely cautious when working near power lines.  When clearing the roof, be careful not to shovel or rake the snow onto meters, which could be damaged.

  • We're moving to the time of the year when the radiant heat from the sun can melt snow even at below freezing temperatures creating icicles.  Icicles that are allowed to "grow" too long pose another danger to gas meters.  When larger icicles break off, they could cause damage to the meter creating a safety hazard, as well as interrupt gas service.