Woman's body found in cornfield

Jefferson Co. cornfield
Jefferson Co. cornfield

IXONIA - Police are trying to identify the body of a woman found in a Jefferson County cornfield this weekend.

The body was found Saturday afternoon by a passing driver. The driver said he saw two crows from his car. When he checked to see what the birds were interested in, he found the body. The driver said there were no clothes on the body expect for sandals. It also appeared the body had been there a while.

The body was found just feet away from Richard Degner's driveway. Degner said he never noticed anything suspicious. However, he said the field was covered by snow until a couple weeks ago.

"Somebody thrown away like that, is sad," said Degner.

Authorities say they have ordered DNA tests to find out if the woman could be Kelly Dwyer. The 27-year-old Milwaukee woman was reported missing last October.

Milwaukee police say they are reviewing other missing persons cases to see if there is any connection.