Wisconsin troop has high number of Eagle Scouts

File photo (MGN Online/Anthony Berenyi )
File photo (MGN Online/Anthony Berenyi )
JANESVILLE (AP) - A Wisconsin Boy Scouts has produced 20 Eagle Scouts in the past six years, a number the district leader calls unusual.

Typically, only 4 percent of scouts earn their Eagle Scout badge, Janesville Gazette reported Monday. In Janesville, the portion is closer to 8 to 10 percent.

Boy Scouts District Executive Director Andy Olsen said that was "unusual" and "significant."

"It's leadership. Scouts have been trained by great people, great masters, to go forward and be good," Olsen said during a Sunday ceremony in which Troop 539 recognized four new Eagle Scouts.

A fifth scout from another Janesville troop also received his Eagle Scout badge.

Troop 539 has produced 83 Eagle Scouts since 1964.

But Scoutmaster Norm Tadt said he doesn't focus on the number of scouts who hit that mark.

"It's not something we look at that way," Tadt said. "We just try emphasize and remember that we're a troop led by boys. The boys tell you what they want. It's our job as leaders to facilitate what the boys want to do."

Eagle Scout Jonathan Pollock, who has attended scout leader training courses and now mentors younger boys, was one of those honored Sunday.

"I don't feel a lot different today," Pollock said. "I realize all the work it's taken. But I don't feel I've quite gotten where I'm going."