Winter weather leads to ice-covered roads

Some roads are almost completely ice covered on Green Bay's west side
Some roads are almost completely ice covered on Green Bay's west side

GREEN BAY - The cold temperatures are showing no mercy to some residential streets that look like very rough ice rinks. From frozen water in the pipes underneath to inches of ice on the street.

That's tough on drivers, but city workers spent most of the day trying to break up the ice.

Tricia Gay lives on Crusade Ln., just south of W. Mason St.

"We've lived here about four years now and this is the worst that we've seen," said Gay.

She says the roads in her neighborhood are dangerous.

"There's a stop sign right here that was just glare ice for a long time. Coming home yesterday, we came down that hill over there and we honestly could not stop. We were just kind of pumping our break," Gay said.

Gay isn't the only one having a tough time driving.

Peter Beth is just four miles away. His house on Kennedy Dr., is east of Highway 41.

"The ruts are so deep in some places you have to go only about 10 miles an hour. If you don't drive exactly in them, I think it could damage tires," said Peter Beth.

The city has seven road graders but fluctuating temperatures can be a challenge for Green Bay Public Works.

"The sun is out. Nice blue skies like this; it warms up a little bit. It thaws a little bit and at night it refreezes. So it starts getting icy and slippery and that's when public works has to kind of be on its toes and make sure we know what's going on around the city," said Chris Pirlot operations director with Green Bay Public Works.

The city says it has to remove ice from the main roads first.

"The city's policy is we will only plow residential streets if a snow or winter event exceeds two inches in accumulation."

And even then Pirlot says not all roads are automatically cleared.

Back at Tricia Gay's house, the road graders and tractors are removing the ice and snow... something Gay is happy to see.

"It's really great. It makes me feel a lot safer when I'm driving home," Gay said.