Winter waterfalls in Marinette County

Veteran's Falls is one of dozens of waterfalls showing signs of Spring in Marinette County
Veteran's Falls is one of dozens of waterfalls showing signs of Spring in Marinette County

AMBERG - As winter continues to roll along, there are signs, spring may be on the horizon.

Some waterfalls in our area are starting to peek through months and months of ice.

There are dozens of larger waterfalls in Marinette County, and many more in the smaller category.

Getting to them this time of year may not be easy, but the walk just may be worth the effort.

Our trip included two popular sites in the self-proclaimed waterfalls capital of Wisconsin, Veteran's Falls west of Crivitz, and Dave's Falls, just south of Amberg.

"We're going to take a short walk to Dave's Falls," said Kirk Witte, Marinette County Parks Department foreman.

"I can see the snowshoers have been in here," said Witte.

On a crisp winter day, Witte searched for a sign of spring.

"Most of the year, there's shooting water, flowing down through this narrow gorge. Now it's solid ice and snow," said Witte.

About a quarter-mile through tough terrain, he found it.

"There's open water at the bottom," said Witte.

"You can see how the ice is built up. It's a completely different perspective than that of most of the year," said Witte.

Travel in the winter time by foot can be strenuous.

"This is the upper falls, it doesn't have quite the drop that the lower falls has, but it's definitely worth the walk," said Witte. “And we do have some water.”

About a half-hour away, the Thunder River is gaining strength at Veteran's Falls.

"It's a whole different world. There's fewer people but the tranquility is a drawing point. It's a beautiful part of it," said Witte.

Witte continues to search for spring.

"It's good exercise, the air is fresh and clean," said Witte.

He says he'll enjoy the frozen forest while he can.

"You'll find that you will sleep very hard after a walk in the winter woods," said Witte.

If you want to go check them out yourself, snowshoes are recommended.

The parks are officially open April 15.

An estimated 5,000 vehicles visit Dave's Falls County Park each year.