Windy weather on Lake Winnebago creates problems


WINNEBAGO COUNTY - Strong winds made for some harsh conditions on roads and on lakes Saturday.

Gusts across Lake Winnebago created near-white out conditions.

Blowing snow created drifts up to three feet deep in some places.

Some vehicles got stuck and had to be pulled out.

Plow crews even stopped plowing paths across the ice, saying the wind kept erasing the work they had done.

"The wind is just creating havoc out there. I mean, the lake is 35 miles long and the wind has all the momentum to get going. We're plowing the road, we come back and can't even see where we plowed," said Don Herman of Sunk? Dive and Ice Service.

Crews advise anglers out on the lake to avoid any old, unplowed roads during similarly windy conditions.