Windy day problems


With the wind whipping in downtown Appleton Cody Neu had some choice ways to describe the conditions.

"I think this is quite shenanigans!  I don't think anybody should even be out here!" Neu exclaimed.

So walking is bad...what about driving?

"I don't even drive on the highway when it's like this, because I've seen plenty of bad things happen," said Neu.

Thinking of taking the dog for a brisk stroll?  Think again.

"It's more like watching people ice skate, you know, it's Olympics on your front yard," laughed Liz Dietz , executive  director of the Fox Valley Humane Association.

She recommends taking Fido's exercise inside when it's like this.

"You can direct this time of year and really work with them on basic obedience training, perhaps, work on some mental stimulation," Dietz explained.

And on a day like this, if you've got long hair me, doing your hair?  It's probably not gonna happen.

"It makes it go crazy!  There's not control at all, I feel just helpless at times!"  exclaimed stylist Amanda Viaene at Pavana Salon and Spa

What can be done?  Viaene has one solution.

"A lot of hairspray.  I feel like you can never have enough hairspray," Viaene advised.

She told us just because it's windy, doesn't mean we stop wanting to feeling pretty.

"You feel good, you feel happy, you wanna say 'hi' to people!" Viaene explained.

But with the cold in the forecast for awhile, it could take time for us to get that friendly feeling back.

Cody Neu: "we need to warm up around here!  Get the sun out again!"

Couldn't have said it better myself.