West Bend zoo takes in bear cubs

West Bend bears
West Bend bears

WEST BEND - Lana and David Fechter are the owners of the Shalom Wildlife Zoo in West Bend. But right now, you can call them Mama and Papa bear.

Nine-week-old brown bears Lewis and Clark came to the zoo three weeks ago, after being abandoned by their real mother at another zoo.

"It's like having two little twins, two little babies, that want to be fed," said David Fechter.

The little guys have to be fed every four hours. They eat and drink things like dry milk and yogurt.

When they came to the zoo, the cubs each weighed four pounds. Now they're growing fast.

"When they are full grown, they`ll probably be over 1,000 pounds each," said David Fechter.

The cubs are currently using a barrel as a den. But the Fechters say they will soon outgrow it.

The pair is also a huge hit on social media. Pics of the cubs generate hundreds of "likes" every day.

"We have about 4,000 daily visitors who watch to see how they`re growing and things that they`re doing,” said Fechter.

The public will be able to see the cubs when they go on display in May. The two-acre exhibit will include a pond.