West Allis officer remembered at benefit

Benefit for Stacie Napoli
Benefit for Stacie Napoli

With every bite and drop in the bucket, community members are contributing toward the family of the 39-year-old Stacie Napoli.

Owner, Dave Sobelman says Sunday, Sobelmans Pub & Grill is giving a dollar for every burger sold to Napoli's fund.

People in the community they are feeling the pain and they're appreciative of what they are doing everyone recognizes it as a very sad story.

Folks are also donating money into this blue bucket on the bar in her honor.

"You don't even know someone and your giving, it feels good in your heart."

The 17-year veteran of the West Allis Police Department, died due to complications from child birth. She delivered twins and left behind a mourning husband.

"I think about the husband that just lost. . . wife and now has these two little babies that were born prematurely and he's going to have to raise them alone."

For an officer whose career was based around helping others, folks say its only right that now her family is on the receiving end.

"This is probably At the least I can do to help out, donate some cash."

While some contributors knew Napoli, many did not, yet they were touched by her story.

While the Napoli's family is suffering from a terrible loss, they gained a community that cares.