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      ONLINE EXTRA: Special needs college programs

      Little Chute Senior Noah VanVooren recently got into Edgewood College in Madison. VanVooren has special needs. The school as an adapted program.
      LITTLE CHUTE - The VanVooren family sat down with FOX 11's Kelly Schlicht to share more about their son, Noah, going to college.That included this video, in which he shares a touching moment with his mom and dad. VanVooren has Down syndrome. When he was born, his parents did not know what his future would hold.Related Stories:>>More StoriesHis father, Todd, says he never expected Noah to go to college. His mother, Kara, says she's grateful for the opportunity at Edgewood College's Cutting Edge program.As for Noah, he's just like many other high school seniors - eager to leave home for the first time and go to school.Video of VanVooren reading his acceptance letter went viral nationwide.His parents say they are glad their family can raise awareness about special needs college programs. VanVooren says he wants a career helping and inspiring others. You could say he's already getting a head start.