Weather worries on roads and roofs

Snow Rake
Snow Rake

Snow has been building up across the area for the last couple of months. Now, a couple of warm days started a melt. But those factors combined with the new storm could make for trouble on the road and at home.

You probably noticed a lot of splashing driving around town Wednesday. Emergency Management and highway personnel are already preparing for Thursday's mess.

"They're well aware of road conditions and do a constant monitoring of situations where they need to salt or sand," explained Julie Loeffelholz, Outagamie County Emergency Management director.

But up above there are problems too. All that snow on your home's roof may have turned into a thick line of ice known as an ice dam around the edges. That can block any water from running off.

"When it's warm like today you can have hundreds of gallons building up on your roof, behind the ice dams and that water can leak into your home, under your shingles and cause tons and tons of damage," explained Jon Goodman, president of Security-Luebke Roofing in Kaukauna.

It can also lead to roof collapse, but if you have let the snow and ice pile up on your roof, the experts say stay off your roof no matter what.
"If, in fact, you have a huge snow load on your roof, find a contractor who can help you out," advised Loeffelholz.

Apparently, some people are doing just that.

Security-Luebke has had its trucks on the road, constantly, 6 days a week.

"Our phones are in meltdown mode right now because of the melting that's happening," said Goodman.

To help relieve some pressure, Goodman told us you can use a snow rake to pull down some of the excess, but he said make sure the rakes or wheels that contact your roof are plastic, not metal.

"So they won't damage your shingles or scratch your siding and as long as the snow rakes are used from the ground," Goodman warned.

It's better to be safe than sorry.