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      Warm Farmers Market Salad

      summer salad
      summer salad
      Ingredients:6 pieces of asparagus5 cherry tomatoes1/2 small cucumber2 slices of bacon2tbl whole grain mustard1tbl red wine vinegar2tbls blue cheese crumbles1tbl olive oilSalt & pepper to tasteDirections:1. Cook bacon slices2. Slice asparagus and cucumbers at 1" slight bias.3. Add cucumbers and asparagus into the same pan as the bacon.4. Cook to warm 1 minute5. Toss tomatoes in for the last 30 seconds.6. Place ingredients from pan, onto serving dish.Combine red wine vinegar, and whole grain mustard.Drizzle olive oil over vegetable mix.Dress the salad with the red wine vinegar mixture.Garnish with blue cheese crumbles, salt & pepper.Recipe from Indulge Catering.