Walmart sharing new renderings with Green Bay aldermen

FILE - In this May 28, 2013, file photo, an outdoors sign for Walmart is seen in Duarte, Calif. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
FILE - In this May 28, 2013, file photo, an outdoors sign for Walmart is seen in Duarte, Calif. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

GREEN BAY - Walmart is making another push to Green Bay leaders to bring a Supercenter store to the city's downtown.

The world's largest retailer was in town Wednesday, meeting with members of Green Bay's city council. They brought with them new ideas they have for a Broadway store.

Walmart hasn’t said when it plans to unveil new plans to the public.

Eight weeks ago, Green Bay's city council essentially told Walmart to go back to the drawing board with its proposal for a downtown store. Alderman Joe Moore says the company did.

“It's nothing like what you've seen and according to the Walmart reps today, they've done nothing like this before, this is one of a kind, this is something special and unique,” said Moore.

Moore says the company's new renderings still call for a more than 150,000 square foot store, with two thirds of it marked off for general merchandise. However, Moore says the building is now red brick, with windows on the upper half, making it appear to be two stories. Moore says Walmart went for a more historic look. He says the renderings made him think of the Platten Building on Broadway.

“It tied in a lot more with the existing buildings, even the Titletown Brewery, it matches with what is there quite a bit more,” said Moore.

“Walmart smells money here right, that's why they're looking at this,” said Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt.

Schmitt says he will get his first look at the new plans on Monday.

“We still don't feel like the best land use is one Superstore of 150,000 square feet with 600 parking stalls on 15 acres of downtown property,” said Schmitt.

A Walmart spokesperson told FOX 11 it was premature to do an on-camera interview because it’s still working on a new proposal.

“As we continue to evaluate the opportunity to redevelop the Larsen Green brownfield, we are meeting with community stakeholders to conceptualize potential modifications to the project,” wrote Walmart spokesperson Delia Garcia in a statement.

“They did tell me they would not move forward with this if they didn't feel that they could get a majority of support,” said Moore. “At this point they are moving forward.”

One thing to keep in mind is the city council has four new aldermen since the last time it voted on anything Walmart-related.

Alderman Moore says he is impressed by the changes, but will wait before deciding whether he supports the new proposal.