Walker signs aviation tax break bill

Walker signs aviation tax break bill
Walker signs aviation tax break bill

GREENVILLE – Republican Governor Scott Walker gave the final approval to a bill Thursday meant to help Wisconsin aviation companies.

The bill gets rid of the sales tax for aviation parts and maintenance.

Governor Walker says the bill will help Wisconsin compete with about two dozen states that already have a similar law. That includes neighboring states like Michigan and Illinois.

Gulfstream in Greenville does work on planes from around the world.

Governor Walker says this law will help Gulfstream and other Wisconsin aviation companies better compete for that work.

The bill eliminates the sales tax a customer would end up paying. It passed through the legislature earlier this year with widespread support in both parties.

"This one is specific, but it is specific to address a barrier that you had in the aviation industry that created an unfair playing field," said Walker at the bill signing Thursday.

The legislation could cost the state about $3 million a year in lost tax revenue.

But supporters say the new business and jobs it attracts to the state will bring in much more than that.